Hartmann & Co.

Re-Upholstery Fabrics

The finest selection of fabrics awaits you here at Hartmann & Company. With over 100,000 samples to choose from, from the largest and finest suppliers in North America, we house one of the largest showrooms on the West Coast. We only use the best quality fabrics for our work, so that ultimately you, the customer, is satisfied for years to come. Sleek modern patterns and colors or old world traditional tapestry and silks, we have them all. Our leather selections are fantastic as well, with a very fine collection of top cut hides. Browse thru our major supplier’s websites to view the collections you like and we can use your choices to re-upholster your cherished pieces.





Soft Faux Leather Photo compliments of Joanne Fabrics

Robert Allen Coloring Books

Soft Chenille Photo compliments of Joanne Fabrics

Blues Brown

Bold Oranges

Greens Berrys Photo complimets of Joanne Fabrics