Hartmann & Co.

Refinishing - Veneer Repairs

For the finest in custom hand finishing, the skilled craftsman at Hartmann & Company have been performing fine furniture and antique refinishing and restoration for over 40 years. If one of the problems you have with a piece of furniture is that it has veneer damages, such as: Loose veneer at edges , Chipped veneer at edges , missing pieces , delaminated grills or panels , Buckled and bubbled veneer , or Gouges .

We can replace an entire piece of badly damaged veneer or just a missing piece. We also can glue lifted or bubbled undamaged veneer. We are fully trained in all methods of repair on pieces even hundreds of years old, by some of the following methods: Re-glue loose veneer, Fill defect with lacquer, Patch veneer, Replace entire section of veneer.

Each piece and job is highly individual and requires unique procedures, and our team of shop experts are skilled in assessing the damages and carrying out the necessary repairs, depending on the piece. Please browse through the following photo’s of completed jobs and contact us with your needs.

Inlaid Marquetry veneered Parlour table

Veneered Antique Victorian Inlaid Walnut Games Table - close

Veneered Antique Victorian Inlaid Walnut Games Table - open