Hartmann & Co.

Refinishing - Period Antique Restoration

For the finest in Period Restoration, the skilled craftsman at Hartmann & Company have been performing fine furniture and antique restoration for over 40 years.

Trained in traditional methods of restoration, our experts use shellacs & waxes, and do carving, veneer repairs, wood matching, hand staining, and joint repairs as well as manufacture all missing parts, to restore all pieces to their original beauty. Not all pieces require refinishing, and our experienced staff has the experience to perform careful restorations of heirlooms.

Only the proper and correct techniques are used in the restoration/conservation of pieces in our shop. Every effort is made to preserve the integrity and originality of each antique commissioned to us.



  • Veneers reglued/repaired
  • Structural work including case restoration, cracks filled, drawer slides repaired and missing components replaced
  • Open fret work
  • Inlay and marquetry
  • Lathe turnings - spindles, stretchers, legs and drawer knobs replaced
  • Carvings
  • Clock Cases Restored
  • Mouldings repaired, replaced
  • Chair caning, seat weaving
  •  Restoring the finish - damaged, worn and abraided finishes are restored in the home by proper cleaning and light french polishing to revive the body and color to its original splendor.
  • Touch-ups, removal of scratches, water marks, stains and burns

Victorian Inlaid Walnut Games Table open

Victorian Inlaid Walnut Games table closed

Victorian Inlaid PArlour Table

Victorian Inlaid Oval Loo Parlour Table

Set 4 Victorian Rosewood diner with cane seats

Inalid 2 door cabinet

Eastlake Walnut Mirrored back dresser

American Eastlake Wooten Desk - open

American Eastlake Wooten Desk - closed