Hartmann & Co.

Refinishing Living Rooms

For the finest in custom hand finishing, the skilled craftsman at Hartmann & Company have been performing fine furniture and antique refinishing and restoration for over 40 years.

Whether you need to refinish your coffee and end tables, or have one made to match…or customize an antique radio into a stereo cabinet, we can do it at Hartmann & Company. Trained in traditional hand finishing, our experts use shellacs & waxes, and do hand sanding, carving, veneer repairs, wood matching, hand staining, and joint repairs as well as manufacture all missing parts, to restore all pieces to their original beauty. We are one of the few French Polishing shops in Canada.

Feel free to browse though the following photo’s and contact us with your photos and your needs.



Fine Restorations provides:

  • Regluing and structural repairs to chairs, tables, and case pieces
  • Replacement of missing or badly damaged parts
  • Veneer and inlay repairs
  • Restoration of carved elements and moldings
  • Hand finishing and finish restoration, including French Polishing
  • Custom furniture making

Walnut framed hostess chairs refinished and copy made the

Mahogany Coffee Table refinished - after

Mahogany coffee table - before

Inlaid Oval Victorian Parlour table refinished french poli