Hartmann & Co.

Refinishing – Hand Carving

A vast number of craftsmen create furniture of all sorts. Many can produce absolutely outstanding works of art from just a few planks of wood. However, only a small fraction of furniture makers also possess the skills of a carver. Michael Hartmann at Hartmann & Company is one furniture maker who can also carve wood and create unique beauty in a piece.

This extra set of skills allows an already unique, but plain piece of furniture, to become even more distinctive. Carving of all sorts is available on any of our furniture that we custom manufacture. Varying styles allow matching to each period or custom built-in piece. Carving is a conversation piece that lasts forever, and is becoming increasingly rare in furniture today.

Enjoy looking at the following photos of completed work and feel free to contact us with your requests, whether it is to restore an existing piece that needs new wood cared, or a complete new piece, customized just for you.

Hand Carved Walnut frame as it is being carved

Hand Carved Walnut Armchair upholstered in leather

Close up of Carving on Alter

Hand Carved and Custom Built Alter in Quartersawn Oak