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Refinishing – French Polishing

For the finest in custom hand finishing, the skilled craftsman at Hartmann & Company have been performing fine furniture and antique refinishing and restoration for over 40 years. We are one of the few French Polish shops in Canada and for several reasons fewer people are trained in this art. In today’s fast paced world, the time and training required to become a polisher is not commonly found. French Polishing is the process of furniture finishing in which all procedures are hand applied without the use of any sprays.

Old world craftsmanship is employed in this process. Unlike a spray process, which sinks into the wood leaving obvious grains, French polish will achieve a smooth "old look" patina or finish. The craft of French Polishing is where techniques used and applied with skill to color wood, match another piece of furniture, shade corners or drawers and other areas to simulate the aging process, or change a natural Mahogany color to appear as any other wood color. No spray process is capable of achieving the depth and patina created by hand polishing. The French Polishing process also makes it possible to spill soda, coffee, water, etc. and not mar the finish if wiped up in a reasonable time.

In order to properly restore a vintage or period piece of furniture, French polish is many times the only choice. Browse through our collection of projects complete, and then feel free to contact us with your pieces that need work.

Victorian Inlaid Oval Loo Parlour Table

A Victorian Inlaid Ovaloo Table. This table has been repaired with the traditional hide glue methods. The inlays have been reset and the entire surface has had a new finish, employing the lost art of shellac french polishing, 27 coats by hand. End result is an incredibly transparent finish that has an authentic rich result.

Veneered Antique Victorian Inlaid Walnut Games Table - open

Veneered Antique Victorian Inlaid Walnut Games Table - close

Steinway Baby Grand Piano and bench 2

Steinway Baby Grand Piano and bench

Set 4 Victorian Rosewood diners with cane seats

Inlaid Marquetry veneered Parlour table