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Sita Furniture

For many years now  Hartmann & Company has been selling  fine quality chairs and tables by Sedital, a company that has been manufacturing in Italy for decades. We can help you choose your style, and then custom finish it to your specifications. The solid beachwood chair frames come in over 100 styles, many of which are hand carved. Whether you are looking for a chippendale style, or a modern sleek piece, we have what you are looking for and can finish and upholster it to suite your taste and your budget.

Browse through the online catalogue, where you will find the table and chairs you are looking for.

Contact us with your choices today, and await your beautiful furniture to be made to your specifications. Please allow 8 - 10 weeks delivery time.



Carved Armchair & Ottoman

Gentlemans Armchair

Wovenback Diners

Crossback Diners