Hartmann & Co.

Custom Antique Reproductions

Hartmann & Company has been an antique dealer for over 48 years. With the changing times, our customers are finding a shortage of the pieces they are looking for to match their existing antique furniture.

Our custom manufacturing of antique reproductions is a wonderful feature of our business. For instance if you needed 2 more chairs to your antique dining room suite, we could hand make the matching 2….or a second bedside table to match your Victorian heirloom.

Whatever your needs are, the designers and builders at Hartmann and Company  work with what you need and create the pieces you are looking for.  Browse through the photos to see some interesting projects completed and then contact us today to discuss your needs and even your dreams.

Carved Armchair

This is a hand made piece, with hand carved front legs, finished in rich warm walnut with gilded highlights. All details of the chair are to the customer's specifications, including the height, depth, width. The chair is upholstered in a top grain cow hide, finished off with brass studs.

Hand Carved Church Alter

Carved Walnut Buffet

Carved Walnut End Table